If you haven’t noticed, I recently teamed up with Chris Wright and Fred Rodriguez @handletteringco @fredrodriguez_ I am blessed to find other Christians who are not only good at their craft, but enjoy using it to serve Christ and those around them. The other day I was talking with Chris, and it was exciting to hear his vision and goals for the company. I wish I could share them now, but in time we’ll gladly let you know. With that said, thank you so much for following along—I promise to continue creating inspirational and helpful work for you all. handlettering.co

“ Technology is not a bad thing in itself, but when we’re more tuned into our iPhone alerts than to our Creator, it’s a problem. ”


“identity drives motivation, motivation drives action, and action drives results.” http://ift.tt/1tiHqnj

If you don’t know the truest thing about yourself, you don’t know yourself. And that matters. What you believe about yourself determines how you live. We were made for something. Something bigger than the little things we seem fated to surround ourselves with. Understanding identity is an act of hope. We want to know who we really are because we believe that knowledge will make a real difference in how we live.

David Lomas

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